Club 33

While I have heard of Club 33 I have never sought it out while at Disneyland. During my last visit I made a point to go find the infamous entrance to the exclusive club. Club 33 was originally made up of a gallery, lounge, dining room and a trophy room. Now the club is an exclusive private club where members and guests can enjoy a gourmet meal and wine. The club is to have a 14 year waiting list and very costly. As you can see the idea of this Club 33 is very intriguing so checking it out was a must. We approached the door to the club and were lucky enough to be there as two members were waiting to be let in. The man at the door lifted a latch and spoke into a speaker and down came a waiter to let the guests in. Not only was it interesting to actually see the door to the club but getting to see members actually going in was pretty cool as well. So next time you are in Disneyland be sure to check out Club 33, directly next door to The Blue Bayou.

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